Responsible for compliance with data protection:

Hotel An der Linah, Harburger Straße 44, 21614 Buxttehude.
Personal data is for business purposes only, i. Carrying out the overnight stays, the stay, the billing with the guest, or the organization that books and pays for the guest, as well as third parties that by their nature need the data directly to carry out their activity. Only persons who need the personal data to carry out their duties and have committed themselves to comply with the applicable legal provisions have access.

Legal bases for the use of personal data can be found in the GDPR, as well as the laws necessary for control. Equally attention is paid to the requirements of commercial, business and tax law.

An export and processing of collected personal data to countries outside the European Economic Area does not take place, as far as Hotel An der Linah has direct influence on it.

When using social media channels, e.g. Facebook, Google or Youtube, on which the Hotel An der Linah is present, but on which the Hotel An der Linah has no direct influence, only their respective privacy policy applies, so that the Hotel An der Linah is released from any liability for personal data made available there.

Personal data such as name, age or gender are not collected when visiting this website. At most, access browsers and length of stay on the different subpages are evaluated for statistical analyzes. However, individual users remain anonymous.

The minimum retention period of personal data is 10 years, as all data must be made available to authorities for this period. Thereafter, with for Hotel An der Linah reasonable effort, the personal data deleted.

All websites that are accessible via links from this website are not subject to the DSGVO of the Hotel An der Linah. The accessible websites are exclusively subject to their GDPR and only the operators of the accessible websites can be held liable for the use of personal data.

The same applies to the websites accessible via social / plug-ins. Again, only the operators of the websites for the collection, use and disclosure of personal data can be held liable and not the Hotel An der Linah. With access to the websites connected via the plug-ins, their DSGVOs will also take effect.

Guests of the Hotel An der Linah can demand a look at the data they have, as well as request the deletion of the data. However, guests must clearly identify themselves as the owner of personal data through government documents. If guests are unable to do so, they will not be granted the desire to view and delete the data to ensure that unauthorized persons have no access to the data. Even a issued power of attorney is insufficient. Deletion of the data can only be pursued on request if the data does not need to be stored by other laws (see above).

Third parties not directly responsible for carrying out the business of Hotel An der Linah are employed, personal data will not be handed over back to starting page